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METHYLAMINOREX, (CIS ISOMER), 4-Methylaminorex (4-MAR, 4-MAX)

DEA CODE 1590: Schedule 1

4-Methylaminorex is a stimulant drug, synthesized by McNeil Laboratories as an appetite suppressant. Its development was discontinued in favor of aminorex, which was withdrawn from the market when its use was linked with the development of fatal pulmonary hypertension. The racemic cis-4-methylaminorex has been reported to be the most frequently encountered form in illicit samples. The drug is known under street names "U4Euh" or "Ice", is used a a stimulant and is classified as a schedule I substance. Neurochemical data suggest that behavioral effects of the isomers of 4-methylaminorex are related to drug-induced dopamine release.

A rare street drug with effects comparable to MDMA and methamphetamine but with much less side effects. It's street names are ICE and euphoria. "I doubt you actually scored 4-methylaminorex. I'm sure it's regular meth."


A very potent stimulant that has quite a long duration of action at around 16 hours.

RouteOnsetDurationAfter Effects
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All ROAs:5-15 minutes14-18 hours1-24 hours
4-Methylaminorex Duration

4-methyl aminorex produces a very long-lasting experience of about sixteen hours that is characterized by an increase in attention and an enhanced ability to recall, analyze and process information. What distinguishes 4-methyl aminorex from other substances like caffeine and nicotine, which also have these effects though to a lesser degree, is its effect on emotions. The 4-methyl aminorex experience resembles a low dose of MDMA in that it helps alleviate anxiety. 4-methyl aminorex enhances that aspect of intellectual work that questions, probes and explores the unknown. Some users are reporting that it helps remove 'writer's block'.

It's a different high to meth. More relaxed. Not so pushy and stimulating. It lasts a freaking long time though. A bit too long sometimes. Keeping in mind I've only ever had it orally, never smoked.

4-MAR used to be called ice before methamphetamine did. 4-MAR just dropped out of popularity and the term ice wasn't used for it anymore. With the explosion of Methamphetamine in the 80's the term ice became synonymous with Methamphetamine.

  • EUPHORIA - Well, someone took Pemoline, twisted it around a little bit and put a whole lot of pleasure into the equation. This might be a Dangerous drug! There are lot of different things that seem to happen with Euphoria. The first time I took it (40 milligrams - I've learned since that 25 mg. is considered your basic dose) I got really charged up. This is definitely a High and it comes on suddenly (about 45 minutes after ingestion). My first response upon coming on to it was an experience of an intense rush of perceived personal power. I found myself goosestepping down the busy Berkeley streets thinking about how good I felt, how successful I was destined to be, and knowing that the world was my oyster. After about 15 minutes of this as I found myself leaping down the BART escalator, I had to tell myself to slow down for fear that I would be completely drained later on. Although I didn't really slow down at all during this experience, I did bring myself into a somewhat more humane mindset and I spent the subway ride having an almost methoxylated amphetamine (MDMA, MDA, etc.)-type ideations. In other words, I wasn't just feeling good about myself, I was feeling good about most everybody else. The world was everybody's oyster.

    Arriving at my office, I immediately found myself doing organizational work at about three times the normal rate with far more self-assurance and fewer mistakes than usual. Simultaneously, I was entertaining perspectives on the nature of my true will and making important phonecalls which I had put off for some time. I did about thirty hours worth of work in about ten hours. I literally could not stop. I tried to make myself take a break for about ten minutes. Within a minute, I found my hand going into a drawer to pull out another file which needed reorganizing. Believe me, this is very unusual behavior. I hate organizational work.

First synthesized in 1960. It is banned in many countries as a stimulant. It produces long-lasting effects, generally up to 16 hours in duration if taken orally and up to 12 hours if smoked or insufflated. Large doses have been reported anecdotally to last up to 36 hours. The effects are stimulant in nature, producing euphoria, an increase in attention, and increased cognition. In the United States, 4-methylaminorex was placed in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act shortly after its emergence as a recreational drug in the mid-1980s.

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