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DEA CODE 4000: Schedule 3

An extremely strong synthetic oral anabolic steroid. It is one of the anabolic-androgenic steroids that was at the heart of the BALCO professional sports doping scandal because it was widely used by pro athletes. Keep in mind, it was not on any banned list at the time. Some athletes involved with BALCO used desoxymethyltestosterone, in addition to other compounds, to increase muscle and strength with excellent results. Athletes that were involved in BALCO (and possibly ran Madol) were MLB and NFL stars: Barry Bonds, Bill Romanowski, Jason Giambi; as well as numerous Olympic athletes such as Marion Jones.

Desoxymethyltestosterone was invented by Max Huffman in 1961, but never brought to market as a commercial drug. It was rediscovered by amateur bodybuilder and chemist Patrick Arnold, in 2005. Arnold was approached to supply Madol for Victor Conte of BALCO, a steroid supplier to professional athletes. Patrick Arnold is considered "the father of Prohormones" for his manufacturing and creating of designer steroids. Arnold helped supply BALCO, an American company, which in turn supplied athletes in the USA and Europe with designed steroids and HGH for several years. Arnold was sentenced to three months in prison for his role in the BALCO incident, and many Olympic athletes were disqualified as a result of doping with BALCO drugs.

Madol users can expect rapid gains in their lifts and increased muscle mass gains, without water retention. Like all anabolic steroids, it aids in protein synthesis, recovery, and increase in red blood cells (RBC). it has an anabolic effect 160% of testosterone, while being only 60% as androgenic. In addition, Madol also does not aromatize into estrogen.

Typically, a potent oral steroid such as this would have potent side effects, and this is the case with DMT. Madol is 17alpha-alkylated to protect the compound from being broken down by the liver, and it can effect cardiovascular health (specifically cholesterol levels).

Desoxymethyltestosterone was first described in 1963. This agent was never made available as a commercial prescription drug product, and saw only limited investigation in animals during the mid-1960's before disappearing into research obscurity. This agent remained hidden in the library bookshelves for decades, until reemerging in 2005 as a new "designer steroid" of interest to international sports doping officials. This was due to the confiscation of a sample of DMT at the Canadian border in December of 2003, where it was found in the possession of Canadian sprinter Derek Dueck during a routine vehicle inspection. The DMT sample remained nameless in a Customs warehouse for over a year, until officials from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) finally had it tested and identified. Desoxymethyltestosterone is only the third never commercially marketed anabolic steroid found to be in use by athletes, following norbolethone and THG. Although at one point DMT could have been considered an effective and "invisible" designer steroid for use while competing in drug-tested sports, this is no longer the case.

Desoxymethyltestosterone was never sold as a commercial prescription anabolic steroid; however, it did appear on the sports nutrition market in 2005 under the brand name ErgoMax LMG (Lean Mass Generator). It was subsequently made available under many other brand names, and for quite some time was highly popular in the United States. The FDA began taking action against manufacturers of the compound in 2009, and all such compounds should have been withdrawal from market since.


It was one of the first designer steroids to be marketed as a performance-enhancing drug to athletes and bodybuilders. It became a controlled substance in the US in 2010 - It had come under scrutiny after it was found to be present in several over-the-counter bodybuilding supplements.

  • A synthetic anabolic - androgenic steroid
  • Orally active
  • Derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Was never marketed for medical use
  • Invented and Patented in 1961
  • It was described in the scientific literature in 1963
  • It was never brought to market as a commercial drug

Desoxymethyltestosterone is sometimes abbreviated as DMT, though it should not be confused with the hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine, which is also known by the same acronym.

Desoxymethyltestosterone was rediscovered by chemist, AAS enthusiast, and amateur bodybuilder Patrick Arnold in 2005. Arnold produced desoxymethyltestosterone and supplied it to Victor Conte of Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO), an American nutritional supplement company and steroid supplier.

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