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DEA CODE 9733: Schedule 2 Narcotic

Racemorphan is racemic mixture of an antitussive and dissociative hallucinogen Dextrorphan and an opioid analgesic Levorphanol. Racemorphan itself is under international control per the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961 and is therefore listed as a Schedule II Narcotic controlled substance.

What are racemorphan and levorphanol?
These are both highly potent opioid (narcotic-)analgesics, chemically related to morphine, but produced synthetically. They are part of a small group of opioids in the morphine series known as morphinans, and are lacking certain chemical groupings of the original opium alkaloid, though still containing the fundamental, biologically active, portion of the molecule, known as N-methyl-morphinan, which is related to the narcotic opium alkaloids in a way analogous to that in which tropane is related to cocaine and the atropa belladonna alkaloids, such as atropine. Morphinan analgesic agonists are typically analgesically superior to morphine.

Is a racemate of levorphanol and dextrorphan. That is, it is an equal mixture of two optical isomers, one of which is the highly potent opioid levorphanol, and the other the compound dextrorphan, which is dissociative in higher doses, and resembles ketamine in it's actions. Dextrorphan is just like dextromethorphan, the over-the-counter cough suppressant, used also as a dissociative, but without a methyl (ether) group at the phenolic hydroxyl. In other words, dextromethorphan is dextrorphan methyl ether, and dextrorphan is the non-opioid optical isomer of levorphanol. Levomethorphan, or levorphanol methyl ether, by the way, is a powerful opioid analgesic, which I would place (making an educated "guesstimate"), on the opioid scale, at approximately the some potency level as hydrocodone (Vicodin), or one half as potent as morphine.

How potent are racemorphan and levorphanol, and what is the average dose taken?

Is much more potent than even the aforementioned levomethorphan (but only half as potent as levorphanol), because of the free phenolic hydroxyl. It is about three to four times as powerful as morphine, somewhat more powerful than even heroin (diacetylmorphine), and much longer acting than either.

The average fully-narcotizing dose of racemorphan is 6 milligrams orally, or 3 mg taken by IM or IV injection, or nasal insufflation (snorting), equivalent to 10-15 mg of parenteral morphine sulfate (morphine is very orally ineffective; it would take 60-70 milligrams of morphine sulfate, taken by mouth, to equal the racemorphan dose). The racemorphan dose may be raised to 7 mg orally, or 3.5 mg by injection or insufflation, when tolerance is gained to the product, or by one's own titration, if the original dose is deemed ineffective, but this is usually unnecessary within one or two weeks, and may not (and probably will not be) ever necessary, if using on occasion (chipping, that is).

  • The racemic mixture of the two stereoisomers each with differing pharmacology and effects:
    • Dextrorphan - an antitussive and dissociative hallucinogen
    • Levorphanol - an opioid analgesic

An aggregate annual manufacturing quota of zero as of 2014

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