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DEA CODE 1246: Schedule 1

First detected being sold online in 2010:
Pentedrone is known to come in the form of either a white powder or crystallized shards which users can ingest to produce a powerful, fast-acting but short-lived euphoric stimulant effects which are comparable to those of crack-cocaine, N-ethylpentedrone and a-PVP-type compounds, particularly when they are insufflated, vaporized or injected. Starting with the advent of MDPV, research chemical stimulants like pentedrone have gained notoriety for its tendency to induce compulsive redosing and addictive behaviors in a seemingly significant percentage of its users as well the ability to readily induce paranoid, delusional states and stimulant psychosis when abused.

Pentedrone Interactions


A potent NDRI cathinone-type stimulant with more-ish effects but not thought to be especially enjoyable.

RouteOnsetDurationAfter Effects
Tripsit Factsheets
Oral:15-30 minutes2-6 hours1-12 hours
Insufflated:5-10 minutes1-4 hours1-12 hours
Pentedrone Duration
All other stimulants.

Effects and Toxicity:
Pentedrone is a stimulant drug structurally related to methcathinone. User accounts describe effects similar to cocaine at moderate doses including alertness, mild euphoria, numbness, and paranoia. Toxicity in cases of co-administration with other stimulants is caused by cardiovascular effects.

soft-tox PDF Pentedrone

Stimulant Type Effect:
Identified in 2010, pentedrone was found to be one of the active ingredients in a variety of bath salts and other legal highs throughout the United States, and England. Upon insufflation pentedrone produces a stimulant type effect that is somewhat consistent with most of the other substituted cathinones on the market. Pentedrone acts as a norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitor and can range in dosage between 10-100 milligrams depending on the purity and source.

World Health Organization 2016:
Pentedrone is a substituted phenethylamine derivative, first identified in 2010 as one of the varieties of bath salts throughout the US and UK. Pentedrone belongs to the class of cathinones, and users of pentedrone have reported MDMA-like stimulating effects, such as euphoria, openness and increased sociability, and sexual drive. No therapeutic or medical use has been described for pentedrone and pentedrone is neither marketed as medicinal product, nor used for industrial purposes.

Pentedrone has been detected in commercial products send to or sold in Italy, Poland, Portugal, the US, Spain, Canada and the UK.

Pentedrone is not controlled world-wide so that in various countries pentedrone products (as powders, mixtures, crystals) are legally marketed in head shops and via the Internet.In other countries, like Austria, Estonia, the EU, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland and the US, pentedrone was detected in seizures by customs or police. Pentedrone is a controlled substance in countries like Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, the UK and the US.

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A stimulant of the cathinone class that has been sold as a designer drug and has been found since 2010 as an ingredient in a number of "bath salt" mixes sold as legal highs. Pentedrone acts as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor without causing their release, the same mechanism of action as methylphenidate. On January 28, 2014, the DEA listed it, along with nine other synthetic cathinones, on the Schedule 1.

North Texas drug dealer who used darknet to sell fentanyl, elephant tranquilizer sentenced - Shaughnessy sold fentanyl, pentedrone, carfentanil (an elephant tranquilizer) and versions of fentanyl and pentedrone that would only be legal with a prescription, according to trial evidence cited by ...
Monday February 12, 2024 -

Man sentenced for child porn, selling fentanyl on the darknet - Leigha Simonton said 55-year-old Sean Shaughnessy sold several drugs including fentanyl, carfentanil (a frequently abused elephant tranquilizer) and pentedrone and was sentenced to 293 months ...
Friday February 16, 2024 -

Dallas-area darknet fentanyl dealer receives 24-year prison sentence - Charges against Sean Shaughnessy include conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance and distribution of controlled substances.
Monday February 12, 2024 -

North Texas man sentenced to 24 years for child porn, selling fentanyl on darknet - Prosecutors presented evidence at trial showing that Shaughnessy sold multiple drugs, including fentanyl, carfentanil and pentedrone using the dark web, according to the attorney’s office.
Monday February 12, 2024 -

Darknet fentanyl dealer in Dallas sentenced to over 24 years in federal prison - A 55-year-old darknet fentanyl dealer, Sean Shaughnessy, of Dallas, Texas, was sentenced to over 24 years in federal prison on Friday for multiple drug crimes and possession ...
Monday February 12, 2024 -

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